LT 18T

Model LT18T
Operating weight  操作质量 21,000kg
Engine model 发动机型号 WD10G220E23
Rated engine power 额定功率 162KW
Rated rotate speed 额定转速 2000r/nin
Max.torque 最大扭矩 745.3N.m
Max.dumping height 最大卸载高度 3300mm
Rated load 额定荷载 18tons @ 1800mm height
NO.of shifts 档位数 Forward 2 For Reverse 1
Driving speed 行驶速度  
ForwardⅠ前进1档 0-11.5km/h
ForwardⅡ前进2档 0-36km/h
ReverseⅠ倒退1档 0-16km/h
Grade ability爬坡能力 20°
Turning angle 转弯角度 35°±1°
Overall length 全长 8080mm
Overall width 全宽 2870mm
Overall height 全高 3220mm
Wheel base 轴距 3230mm
Track base 轮距 2300mm
Dimension of the fork
Torque converter 变矩器 Single stage,4 elements"单元四元件
Cycling time 三项和 13.5s
Tire type 轮胎 23.5-25


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