Model LT20T
Operating weight  操作质量 21,000kg
Engine model 发动机型号 WD10G240E21
Rated engine power 额定功率 175KW
Rated rotate speed 额定转速 2200r/nin
Max.torque 最大扭矩 920N.m
Max.dumping height 最大卸载高度 3300mm
Rated load 额定荷载 20tons @3300mm height, 22tons @1600mm height
NO.of shifts 档位数 Forward 4 For Reverse 2
Driving speed 行驶速度  
Forward/ReverseⅠ前进/倒退1档 0-6.5km/h
Forward/ReverseⅡ前进/倒退2档 0-12.3km/h
Forward/ReverseⅢ前进/倒退3档 0-24km/h
Forward/ReverseIV前进/倒退4档 0-41km/h
Grade ability爬坡能力 ≥25°
Turning angle 转弯角度 35°±1°
Overall length 全长 8400mm
Overall width 全宽 3130mm
Overall height 全高 3550mm
Wheel base 轴距 3500mm
Track base 轮距 2510mm
Dimension of the fork
Torque converter 变矩器 Model型号: YJ375X3 ratio变矩系数:3.166
Cycling time 三项和 15s
Tire type 轮胎 23.5-25/可选26.5-25 is optional


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