Rated Operating Capacity 1200kg
Tipping load 2100kg
Bucket Capacity 0.5m3
Lifting Force 2730kg
Hydraulic Pump Flow 75/115 L/min
Engine power 75hp
Weight 3500kg
Max. Travel Speed 8/16 km/h
Grade ability 20°
Tire 12-16.5
Fuel/hyd. Oil capacity 90/90L
Height at Maximum Extension 4070mm
Hinge Pin Height 3150mm
Total Height 2160mm
Length with Bucket 3580mm
Length without Bucket 2880mm
Width with Bucket 1880mm
Track Width 1500mm
Wheelbase 1115mm
Ground Clearance 205mm
Dumping Angle  40°
Dumping Height 2450mm
Maximum Reach 700mm


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