Interviewed by Xiamen TV Station

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      With the opening of the annual SME Service Month in Xiamen, The Xiamen Network Chamber of Commerce and the Xiamen general  Chamber of Commerce are accompanied by Xiamen TV reporters to visit SMEs. The rapid growth of LTMG is obvious to all SMEs in the XiaZhangQuan area. The reporter interviewed our company to explore the development methods of SMEs.

      LTMG is a group that is willing to share and put forward our opinions in the interview. LTMG believes that SMEs must grasp the following two points: first, pay attention to customer service and requirements, put customer complaints and suggestions first, and improve the company's service system; second, do independently research and develop products, use the unique special products attract customers and promote the growth of the company with independent research and development products.

      At the end of the interview, the president of the Xiamen general  Chamber of Commerce Issued the certificate of “XiaZhangQuan Advanced SMEs” to our company. Through this title to LTMG has a great incentive,, we are determined to become the industry leader in the future.

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