2017 LTMG Machinery Global Customer Visiting----Gabon

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In order to continue to deepen the Stepping-out strategy of LTMA Machinery company, after visiting

customers in Thailand, Indonesia and Australia, LTMA Machinery Foreign Trade Department staff and

its engineers, under the leadership of  sales director Devin , went to the vast Africa to visit our Gabon

agents and customers in West Africa from October 10 to 17, 2017

Gabon, across the equator, is located on the west coast of central Africa. Its East and South are connected

with the Congo, bordering Cameroon to the north, adjoining to Equatorial Guinea to the northwest and the

Atlantic Ocean to the west with 800 km  coastline. It has lots of oil, timber, rich mineral resources. Gabon has

a great demand for mineral machinery and construction machinery.

After long journey of more than 30 hours, Devin and his entourage arrived at Gabon Airport on October 11.

At the invitation of one of LTMA large clients, Devin and his entourage firstly visited a local factory and

checked the current usage of their machinery. The customer affirmed and praised the stability of our product

performance and the timeliness of after-sales service.

On October 12-13, Devin and his entourage visited the local agents, the general manager of local agency

made a detailed introduction about the local market’s status, problems, scale and development prospect.

Both parties did a further discussion on the current market demand and development needs. After and in-depth

research and company-level authorization, LTMA Machinery decided to set up its own after-sales service center in Gabon and parts

supply center.

Through increasing investment in after-sales service to ensure satisfaction of local customers with the product after-sales service to

improve market share. Agents showed heartfelt thanks and recognition to the LTMA Machinery, and meant that they have

greatconfidence to further enhance the local market sales and service levels!

From the 14th to 15th, under the leadership of the local agent, the company successively visited 10-15

terminal customers and learned some problems existed in the practical use of the forklift and wheel loader.

Local customers, under the guidance of engineers, also mastered a lot of knowledge of mechanical maintenance,

usage, maintenance ,etc

On the 16th and 17th, Devin and his entourage continued to visit some local potential customers and further

got to know the needs of local market. Maggie, from LTMA Machinery Foreign Trade Department and being

in charge of the African market, , said after a series of face-to-face conversations with customers and physical

contact with the scene, she had a further understanding of customer needs in African market. Through

market research, they will dock with the company's r&d department , and have a confidence that they can provide

customers with better products and services to help them further increase their productivity and output.
At the evening of the Oct.17, Devin and his entourage had dinner with customers. In the farewell of customers.

After dinner,they headed to the airport and concluded a busy and substantial visit to Gabon.

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