LTMG convened a forum on youth staff

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In order to build a multi-level communication platform for youth staff,better understanding the dynamics of youth staff, LTMG company Youth League organized part of the youth training group hold a "youth staff forum"in the company's first training class on the afternoon of December 17.The representative of technology, production, organs attended the forum. The 30 youth members of LTMG company branch attended the forum.

The forum broke the fixed model of original forum , use the form of"world coffee".It is to group according to the topic of the forum, each group has a group leader, they can take turns joining a conversation and discussion about their interested topic. During the discussion period,each group of leader will be record of the wonderful speeches, suggestions and comments of everyone.Respectively, the leaders of three groups for the overall reporting after the discussions are completed. The purpose is to create a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere, so that everyone speak freely, and to achieve the purpose of holding the youth staff forum.

At the meeting, the young members from each position contacted their own work,and spoke freely about the operation of employee growth path,the suggestion of training and the relationship between themselves and the enterprise.The whole discussion atmosphere was harmonious, and it always caused a lot of enthusiastic applause.

After the discussion, the LTMG party minister made a speech on the symposium. Minister Zhang encouraged the young staff to love the work, earnestly do their own work, at the same time to strengthen learning, in particular, should pay attention to improving self-learning ability, vigorously carry forward the team spirit, in the work to be responsible and dedication, take initiative to do their own career plan. At the same time that the party and the Human Resources Branch in the future to build such a platform for communication, better listen to the voice of the staff. Minister Zhang also asked the Human Resources Branch to consolidate the presentation of the staff symposium and do all the work well .

At the end of the forum, LTMG company Youth League also specially arranged an inspirational film - "the moving concert", tells an ordinary mobile phone salesman in pursuit of his dream. He do everything he can to stand on the singing stage.The story let us realize that in the company's stage, we have the opportunity to create a miracle, resistant to frustration of the polished, and we can also burst out of the diamond than the bright light.

Enterprises to develop, youth people should be the first.The youth staff are the backbone of the company's development. The youth staff symposium build a bridge to communicate with the company for youth staff.The voice from everyone’s heart also allows us to do better, and targeted to do the next step. It also make a little contribution for the LTMG faster, steady development.

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